From Wilmington, DE and South

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Wilmington, DE to Printerlink
From: Wilmington To: 389 US-130, Mt Ephraim, NJ 08059
Driving Distance: 35.1 miles Time: 42 minutes
Time Distance Instruction
9:00 AM0.0 1   Depart Wilmington on Local road(s) (East) for 120 yds
9:00 AM0.1Turn LEFT (North) onto S Madison St for 0.7 mi
9:03 AM0.8Turn RIGHT (East) onto SR-48 [Martin Luther King Blvd] for 0.4 mi
9:03 AM1.2Keep STRAIGHT onto Martin Luther King Blvd for 0.2 mi
9:04 AM1.4Merge onto US-13 Bus [N Walnut St] for 0.6 mi
9:04 AM1.9Turn RIGHT (East) onto E 11th St for 0.4 mi
9:05 AM2.3Bear LEFT (East) onto US-13 [E 11th St] for 0.1 mi
9:05 AM2.4Turn RIGHT (South-East) onto E 12th St for 1.1 mi
9:07 AM3.5Turn LEFT (North-East) onto Local road(s) for 10 yds
9:07 AM3.5Take Ramp onto I-495 [Vietnam Veterans Memorial Hwy] for 7.1 mi towards I-495 / Edgemoor / Philadelphia
9:14 AM10.6Merge onto I-95 [John F Kennedy Memorial Hwy] for 3.9 mi
9:14 AM10.9Entering Pennsylvania
9:17 AM14.5At exit 4, take Ramp (RIGHT) onto US-322 [Commodore John Barry Bridge] for 3.9 mi towards US-322 / Comm Barry Br / New Jersey
9:20 AM16.2Entering New Jersey
9:22 AM18.4Take Ramp (RIGHT) onto US-130 for 2.4 mi towards US-130 / I-295 N / Camden
9:24 AM20.8Merge onto I-295 [US-130] for 0.2 mi
9:36 AM32.7At exit 26, take Ramp (RIGHT) onto I-76 [I-295] for 1.4 mi towards I-295
9:38 AM34.2At exit 1D, take Ramp (RIGHT) onto US-130 for 0.7 mi towards US-130 / Collingswood
9:40 AM34.8Turn RIGHT (East) onto Wilson Ave for 153 yds
9:41 AM34.9Turn LEFT (West) onto Nicholson Rd for 0.1 mi
9:41 AM35.0 Turn RIGHT (North) onto Yale Ave, then immediately turn RIGHT (East) onto Marlborough Ave for 0.1 mi
9:42 AM35.1  4   Arrive Printerlink, 375 US-130, Gloucester City, NJ 08030